Barcelona by land, sea and air

Barcelona helicopter guided tour

Guided visits and tours by Helicopter, and Catamaran boat in Barcelona

This tour allows you to see Barcelona from different perspectives, we will take a helicopter, the duration of the flight is approx. 12 min. and we will see from the sky each and every corner of the city, an unforgettable experience. Then we,ll go to the port to take a Catamaran going from tip to tip of the coast of the city, even we,ll enter in the port where docking large cruise ships, the duration is 1, 30 h and then we can have a walk along the Rambla.

If we have a car waiting at all and each one of the points that we going, after the port we can go to Montjuïc for a panoramic tour from there.

Up to 3 people better to take taxis.

Idioma: Anglès

Lugar: Barcelona

Província: Barcelona

País: Spain

Nivel de actividad:

Duración del servicio: Duration approximately: 4 hours.

Precio EU - Euro: Guide fee 200 € / Price Minivan with driver + Guide up to 6 people 400 €


Programación de horarios:

To consult

No incluido:

It does not include transportation costs

Catamarán: 15 € per person
Helicópter: 95 € per person

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* La informació publicada dels serveis s’actualitza periòdicament, però recomenem consultar-ne la seva vigència amb anterioritat.