Barcelona with kids

Mercat de la Boqueria

This itinerary is an opportunity for parents to see the Old Town with their children. We will visit places that attract their attention so that it is more fun for them. Most of the stops are the same as «Walking tour of the Old Town», but with a few variations.

We will visit: the Rambla, the Boquería Market (we will visit Candy Shops and learn who invented the Chupa Chup (Lollipop)), the Iglesia del Pi, a Chocolate Shop, an almost centennial Toy Store, Sant Felip Neri Square, August Temple, the interior of the Cathedral to see its geese and go up to the terrace, Santa María del Mar Church and the Mammoth Museum.
Travelling with kids, it is almost mandatory to make a stop in one of the Chocolate Shops of the city to taste what we here know as a Suizo, hot chocolate with cream and churros.

Notes: It is not possible to visit the Cathedral on Saturday after 17:00 and on Sunday only from 14:00 to 17:00. And in all cases we should go with enough time. The Boquería Market is closed on Sunday and on Monday many fish shops are closed.

Idioma: Anglès

Lugar: Barcelona

Província: Barcelona

País: Spain

Nivel de actividad: Apte per a tothom

Duración del servicio: 4 hours

Precio EU - Euro: Total cost of the guide: 220€


Programación de horarios:

Recommended starting time: 10.00 or 15.00 at your hotel.

No incluido:

Tickets to the Cathedral (4€) nor to the Mammoth Museum (7,5 € adults). You should note that with the Official Tour Guide you do not have to queue Official Guide you do not need a reservation in any of the establishments if you are 9 or less persons.

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