Chiswick and Richmond: London’s answer to the Loire Valley!

Richmond guided tour by Jordi Briz

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Aquest tour el podem fer en Català. Es clar que vosaltres volíeu practicar una mica l’Anglès, no?.

A third of the trilogy of villages. This area, a riverside area, to the South-West, is completely different from the port areas to the SE!. This is London’s Arcadia. Unpolluted. Bucolic. I know, you reader, you don’t believe me…
We are going to make our way along a maze of narrow, twisting streets… Lined with Georgian and Victorian buildings… The parish church, in the middle. A large Green, to one side. The site of the ancient Royal Palace. After attending Shakespeare’s performance, Elizabeth I died (no, no, it wasn’t the bard’s fault).
A Victorian public house became a 60s trendy club: the Beatles met here the Rolling. Stones!.
Great shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs…all along. Celebrated (by poets and painters) views and a huge Royal Park.
And, after our tour, you will be visiting museums, aristocratic houses or English National rugby stadium. Or just sipping a tea I one of the coffee shops where the locals chill out…
Or, what about visiting a brewery?

Idioma: Inglés

Lugar: Richmond - Chiswick

Província: London

País: United Kingdom

Nivel de actividad: Apto para todos

Duración del servicio: 5 hours

Precio GBP - British pound: £25 pp in a group of two (minimum) - £20 pp in a group of 3,4,5 - £15 pp in a group of 6,7,8 (max)

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Programación de horarios:

Meeting place and time: HAMMERSMITH TUBE STATION. 9 am

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Consult. Public transport tickets, meals and refreshments on route.

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