Priorat, wine tourism and history

Guided tour - Priorat wine history - Mari Carmen Granados

Priorat, wine tourism and history

Guided tour - Priorat wine history - Mari Carmen Granados

Priorat is one of the most special regions of Tarragona. Just 40 km from Tarragona, it is located in the inland of the province. Its dreamlike landscape is dominated by hills of vineyards and dotted with small villages that preserve their rural personality.


To begin with, we will visit the Carthusian monastery of Escaladei, founded in the 12th century. The monks found in Priorat an ideal place to develop their spiritual, strict and contemplative life, at the foot of Montsant mountain range. The Priorat owes its name to this Carthusian priory, which contributed to the development of the region.

Nowadays the Carthusian monastery is a public monument that preserves the remains of the old monastery. We also find reconstructed spaces in it, such as the Cloister of Memories and one of the cells where the monks lived their lives in solitude.

Before continuing the route, we will optionally visit one of the many wineries of the Priorat DO, Cellers Scala Dei, where we can visit its facilities and vineyards, as well as taste some of its wines.

To finish the route, or if the group prefers, after eating in a local restaurant, we will approach the beautiful village of Siurana, located in privileged surroundings with spectacular views of Priorat. The town preserves a valuable medieval heritage: the Romanesque church and the remains of the castle, witnesses of the famous legend of the Moorish Queen.

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Lugar: Priorat

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