Seu d’Ègara and meadieval Terrassa

Guided tpurs Terrassa La Seu d'Egara

Seu d’Ègara and meadieval Terrassa

Guided tpurs Terrassa La Seu d'Egara

The city’s rich heritage allows visitors to take a journey through the history of Catalonia.

A leap in time brings us to the age of Catalan Mediaeval, where the exceptional collection of historic buildings which includes the Ensemble of the Churches of Sant Pere constitutes an exceptional element of historic artistic Catalan heritage and covers a continuos period from the Iberian era to the present.

Walking around the city and guided by skilled professionals, the visitor will discover the most complete Mediaeval Terrassa heritage. An exceptional route visiting the churches of Sant Pere (a historic ensemble comprising three churches) with remains of the Visigothic bishopric of Egara, the High Mediaeval and Romanesque wall paintings and the Gothic.

The Episcopal See of Ègara

In the monumental ensemble, unique in our country and in Europe, we emphasise the period of the ancient Episcopal See of Ègara (centuries V – VIII).

Founded around the year 450, the Episcopalian area and the Cathedral of Ègara have experienced several transformations with the step of the centuries, considering the ensemble like an artistic and cultural referent of the first centuries of the Christianity and one of the main pre-Romanesque and Romanesque monuments of Catalonia.

The ensemble is formed by three churches Sant Pere, Sant Miquel and Santa Maria and it is beside the Park of Vallparadís.

Beside the ensemble of the churches of Sant Pere, in the same Park of Vallparadís we find the Carthusian Castle of Vallparadís (originally from the twelfth century). It became a Carthusian monastery in the fourteenth to fifteenth centuries.

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