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For those who want to know the offer of the museums in Barcelona we can organize routes that link the different museums, we propose you some ideas.

Foundation Joan Miró

This museum located in Montjuïc Hill from 1975, offers us not only paintings, even scupltures and tapestries , in a very modern builging , from here we can enjoy not only the work of this artist, also nice views over the city.

Picasso Museum

Located in the historical distritc and close where Picaso was living with his family when they move to Barcelona at the age of 14. The museum occupies 5 medieval palaces there we can admire the evolution of the painter from he was Young till the last days of him.

Catalonia Art Museum (MNAC)

National Palace, a building from 1929, where troughout all this years has been spanding its collection that permits to follow 1000 years of history from the romanesque stily to nowadays.

Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA)

We can go deep to the city and discover the rest of the roman city , 2.000 years ago, from the roman foundation in the first century before Christ.

Catalonia History Museum (MHC)

Located in a building from XVIII century ,close to the harbour in Barceloneta quarter, we can follow the evolution of Ctalonia from the prehistoric age to the present day. All a journey through time.

Catalan Modernism Museum

The modernism or Art Nouveau in Catalonia and more specifically in Barcelona, has been very important and is because that one important art collecter of antiques show us a big quantity of objects of that time.

Specially for children: Chocolate Museum

Both Children and adults , who don,t like chocolate? We can follow the history how this product gradually was introduced in Europe, firstable in Spain , and it will delight everyone. They offer us the possibility of some workshops with chocolate.

All of them are nice museums to visit.

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