The nice Palaces and Charming Houses in Barcelona

Barcelona guided tour

The richness of Barcelona city and its cultural heritage, offers the opportunity to visit palaces and stately homes of exquisite beauty. We show you some examples.

Güell Palace

Mr. Güell, a very important person in the history at the modern period in Barcelona, and the big Gaudí,s patron . This palace was built on 1888 by Gaudí, in a hide Street close to la Rambla, like a medieval palace.

Batlló House

Another of the master pieces built by Gaudi, he had to adapt a very simple building in the magnificent work of art that we can admire today , full of color wtith a lot of broken pieces of ceramic in its facade.

Milá House ( La Pedrera)

We have not to forget this importan building, that Gaudí built from 1906 to 1912, where many people in the city discuss about the architect and the building , and that inspired a lot of histories , and also a lot of movies. We can visit its terrace with the chimneys soldiers, one museum in the upper side of the building and one appartement where we can live the atmosphere how the catalán bourgeoisie was living at the begining of the XX century.

Saint Paul Hospital

A master piece, built by Domènech i Montaner, another of the biggest architects of the art Nouveau period in Barcelona, it,s a must in the city, we can visit the diferent pavilions, the main building, with the conferences rooms, and the administration, This is one of the oldest hospitals in the World with more tan 500 years of history.

Music Palace

It,s a jewel of the Art Nouveau, built by Domenech i Montaner, we can follow his print in all of the corners in this building, built in only 3 years, to be used for the singers of the Catalan Coral Orfeon. Nowadays we have numerous shows popular, clasical and flamenco music.

Spanish Village

Was made for an International exposition that we have in Barcelona on 1929, design by Puig i Cadafalch, architect, politicien, and very interested in catalán culture. They wanted to show how was Spain to the people assiting to that fair and that they have not the possibility to travel around Spain, building a real village. Actually is a must not ontly for tourist also for Barcelona citizens, there are a lot of restaurants, discos, and it,s a very important handicraft area and have and important museum.

A veru recomendable tour.

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