Winetourism in Lanzarote


Unique experience that allows you to perfectly combine hiking and wine tourism.
Circular route between vines and volcanoes to discover the history and origins of one of the protected areas of Lanzarote, La Geria, the quintessential wine region of the island.
Enjoy hiking and connect with the purest nature of the island. Discover unique landscapes in the world, connect with the farmers of Lanzarote to understand their effort and their great work.
A sustainable activity to get closer to the agricultural world of the island and discover how vines can be grown on such a dry and arid island.
The great work of the farmers is rewarded with wines that win more and more international awards and recognition. Do not miss the opportunity to taste some of the best wines in Lanzarote.

Idioma: Inglés

Lugar: Lanzarote

Província: Las Palmas

País: Spain

Nivel de actividad: Ligero

Duración del servicio: 4 hours + time for the wine tasting

Precio EU - Euro: 45€


Programación de horarios:

The starting time depends on the option you choose. Check availibility

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