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Salt mining and the Salt Valley are Cardona’s raison to explain the splendour of its past.
The town’s charter, one of Europe’s oldest, acknowledges the townspeople’s eternal right to obtain salt.
The castle, a fortress that was never breached and the last bastion of Catalan freedom, was the seat of the powerful family of counts-dukes of Cardona, “Kings without a Crown” who were rich salt nobles related to Europe’s major families.
Because of the wealth from salt and Cardona’s strategic location as a crossroads, there developed a medieval town governed by merchants and carriers of goods who built the historic centre of Cardona, which now has a cultural heritage of national interest status.
Today Cardona, which is located in exceptional natural surroundings, is to be awarded status as a Health Town where residents and visitors can enjoy a broad range of nature activities.
Visit Cardona and discover who the Salt Lords were!

In this full-day guided tour, we will explore
*The salt mine
*The castle
*The historic centre

This tour includes:
*Pick up in your hotel
*8h Chauffeured tour
*Catalan lunch included

On the way to Cardona, we will pass near Montserrat. Join the 2 fantastic tours and enjoy twice!

Idioma: Inglés

Lugar: Barcelona

Província: Catalonia

País: Spain

Nivel de actividad: Apto para todos

Duración del servicio: 7h

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